Genesis PURE™ products included in leading Physicians’ Desk Reference

Jennifer Sawyer

January 1, 2017

Genesis PURE™ products included in leading Physicians’ Desk Reference
Inclusion helps further educate about Genesis PURE’s quality dietary supplements


(FRISCO, Texas) — Genesis PURE, a leading innovator of naturally sourced supplements based on a philosophy of delivering Whole Health, announced that its dietary supplements are listed on, will be available on the PDR digital version for downloading, and will be listed in the 2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference® (PDR®) publication.

The PDR provides an explanation of Genesis PURE and Genesis PURE products, and includes a listing of five of their dietary supplements: Daily Build, HealthTrim® Cleanse (Liquid), Grape ENERGY, Cacao 360 Complete Shake, and Metabolic ONE. It gives Genesis PURE an additional boost in the scientific community, and helps strengthen every independent business owner’s position as an exclusive leader in the distribution of Genesis PURE products.

“We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious publication,” stated Daren Hogge, Genesis PURE’s president. “The PDR is a great reference to have in terms of added credibility, as it is a well-respected publication in the medical community.”

The PDR is the authoritative resource that thousands of physicians have turned to as a key reference for over seventy years. It is considered the standard resource and can be found in virtually every physician’s office, hospital and pharmacy in the United States. The PDR contains full, FDA-approved drug label information, including warnings and precautions, drug interactions, and hundreds of full-color product images. It also includes nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements and herbs. Every label in PDR includes information on dosages, side effects, and safety information, such as contraindications, pregnancy ratings, and interactions with other drugs, food, and alcohol. Data on clinical trials are also included.

About Genesis PURE
Genesis PURE is a leading innovator in health and wellness products. Our innovative nutrition, performance and beauty products help get people on the path back to Whole Health. Delivered via the Direct Selling model, Independent Business Owners are able to earn commissions when sharing the products and opportunity with others. Genesis PURE is an international company with offices in the US, Japan and Korea and headquartered in Frisco, Texas. For more information about Genesis PURE’s products and business opportunity, visit